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    If you’ve felt like you’ve spent a week in the dessert after you get off a plane that’s because the low humidity in airplanes causes skin dryness. Don’t forget to toss a travel size of Dilo Rescue Spray in your carry-on so you can spritz mid-flight. With natural oils, a dose of aloe, and a hint of Ngi grass, it'll keep your skin hydrated and feeling fresh despite the dry cabin air for 24 hours.

    Discover a gentle yet highly effective way to; soothe, moisturize and nourish irritated skin affected by sunburn, dehydration, insect bites, rashes or shaving.

    • Dilo oil rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins helps hydrate and strengthen dry skin.
    • Aloe Vera restores moisture and provides soothing, cooling relief to sun-exposed skin.
    • Lavender not only relaxes the senses but is lauded for both its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which make it a quality contender to include in your “me time” rituals.
    • Mint contains cooling properties and provides antioxidant benefits.