10 Things Women with Gorgeous Skin Always Do

It's no secret that most women want clear and radiant skin. The truth is women with gorgeous skin aren't just lucky, they work at it. Here are 10 natural skincare tips to follow, no matter your skin type or what the current season is.

It's no secret that most women want clear and radiant skin. The truth is women with gorgeous skin aren't just lucky, they work at it. Here are 10 natural skincare tips to follow, no matter your skin type or what the current season is.

1. They never go to bed without washing their face.

There are definitely some nights when you're ready to jump into bed without doing anything. You just want to take off your clothes, hop in and sleep. Unfortunately, when you leave your makeup on, you're also leaving pollution & dirt on. Your pores will absorb all that grime, all night. YUCK!

Removing your makeup before bed can make a HUGE difference between having beautiful, glowing skin and a dull looking complexion with clogged pores that is more prone to breakouts and developing fine lines.

That's why you'll love Pure Fiji's Coconut Cleanser with Papaya and Moringa. It's a luxurious cleanser with creamy coconut and purifying moringa oil to gently remove makeup, excess oil and pore-clogging impurities - without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Imagine that! No need to use a separate eye makeup remover. This unique cleanser is boosted with papaya extracts to brighten skin tone while moringa and dilo extracts purify and restore skin to a healthy balance.

How to Use:

  • Apply to wet skin and massage all over face and neck.
  • Rinse off with warm water. Can be used to remove some waterproof make-up.

To remove eye make-up, follow these directions:

  • Add coconut cream cleanser onto moistened cotton pad.
  • Close eyes and wipe the pad over the eyes and eye lashes down and remove eye shadow, eye liner etc. Do this as often as required.
  • Be careful that no product gets into the eyes.

2. They stay hydrated from morning to night.

Drink water! And not just when you're hitting the gym or you're super thirsty (if you get to that point, you're most likely dehydrated already). Hydration; inside and out is one of the keys to keeping your skin radiant. If you're still wondering how much water to drink; 8 x eight-ounce glasses are still the ideal daily minimum to be fully hydrated to sustain radiant skin.

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3. They use an antioxidant serum as part of their daily skin care routine.

Did you know that UV light can still damage your skin even if you're wearing sunscreen? To combat this; try adding a layer of serum, with antioxidants to your skin care routine. Use Pure Fiji's Hydrating Multi-Active Serum under your SPF. It contains; virgin coconut oil, Dilo oil, sikeci Oil, macadamia oil and passionflower extract. This way your skin is more likely to repair the damage as it occurs, preventing the onset of brown spots and premature fine lines.

4. They change their pillowcase every three days.

Okay you are thinking, another step to my skin care routine.(removed question mark) Whether we like it or not dirt, bacteria, and hair product residue collects on our pillowcases. Gross right? A fresh pillowcase is also one of the keys to preventing breakouts. Do your best to wash your pillowcases with a dye free, fragrance-free detergent and avoid fabric softeners especially if you have sensitive skin.

5. They workout

Getting to a Bodypump or Zumba class can have a positive effect on your skin because a workout increases circulation which creates that dewy glow once it's over. Another bonus: Working up a sweat helps lower the stress hormone cortisol which is linked not only to skin aging but breakouts and clogged pores.

Now that your body just got a serious workout, and you didn't bring face wash what do you do? Well you can either walk out with a sweaty face or leave with a hydrated glow with Pure Fiji's Coconut Water Hydrating Toning Mist. Just a spritz of this refreshing cucumber spray will instantly cool you off, make your skin feel refreshed, and give you an instant boost of happy. Gym + Yassss! = mega feel-good vibes.

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6. They avoid junk food

We're not suggesting you completely eliminate junk food; just don't eat it every day. Sugar, white bread, pasta, cake, and candy may speed up glycation in the skin. Glycation is when sugar molecules latch onto cells, including those in the skin, and cause them to become malformed and accelerate the breakdown of collagen. Eating junk food will not only result in pimples but a loss of radiance and more noticeable lines. Instead, 80% of your diet should be focused on nutrition filled foods like; green veggies, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, lean protein, nuts and seeds to ensure you skin stays breakout-free, supple, and radiant.

7. They exfoliate at least one to two days a week

One of the reasons you need to exfoliate is so you can unclog pores and remove dead skin cells making you ready to reap the maximum benefits of your products.

Renew and resurface skin overnight with Pure Fiji's Glycolic Overnight Renewal Peel. This powerful blend of glycolic and mandelic acid enhanced with niacinamide and extracts of fresh garden sprouts will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars and dramatically diminish enlarged pores. Awake to rejuvenated, luminous skin.

How to Use:

Apply the Glycolic Overnight Renewal Peel one to two times a week to clean skin. Always hydrate with a facial oil or moisturiser after applying. At night, apply to a clean, dry face, neck, chest and back of hands. Avoid eye area. Also, a great spot treatment! Leave on overnight and rinse in the morning. Please note that you may feel a slight tingling with the use of this product.

It is important to build tolerance in your skin when using active ingredients. Allow the skin to normalise after using the Glycolic Renewal Peel for one to two days before using a Pure Fiji overnight masque. It is recommended to do a patch test before using a new skincare product. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Avoid direct sunlight after use.

8. They don't mix brands

Women with gorgeous skin not only have a skin care routine they follow but they know the importance of choosing the right products especially when the seasons change. But more they know they shouldn't mix brands especially if they contain retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid or peptides.

Skin care brands use a variety of these ingredients in their formulations and it's possible that active ingredients could be incompatible. For optimal results, we recommend using products from one skincare line. When you want to try a product line, a sample kit allows you to thoroughly test it on your skin without having to shell out for full-price items. That's why Pure Fiji created the Vitamin C Brightening Collection which consists of wonderful travel sizes for you to start to ensure your new skin care regimen is easy, simple, and enjoyable.

9. They use a face mask once a week

There's no denying the soothing quality of a good face mask. Whether you want to banish dry patches or get that Spring glow, the main aim of a face mask is to deliver potent ingredients deep into the skin in a short amount of time.

Women with gorgeous skin can trust to get the glow with this powerful Vitamin C treatment masque which is supercharged with pure Vitamin C, Kakadu plum and Lime extracts. These Vitamin C powerhouses are rich in antioxidants strengthening collagen and protecting skin while dramatically increasing luminosity and radiance. The appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles are minimized and skin is left smooth and glowing.

10. They have a consistent skin care routine

If you want gorgeous skin, it's no different than maintaining a healthy weight. You don't just wing it, you have to have a plan and stick to it consistently.


We know that radiant, flawless looking skin does not happen overnight. Creating and maintaining a regular skincare routine and combining it with the finest natural skin care products like Pure Fiji is an investment that will pay off in more healthy and radiant looking skin for years to come.

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10 Things Women with Gorgeous Skin Always Do

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