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Loss of Firmness

Cause: Loss of firmness and ageing of the skin is caused by photo-ageing. Constant exposure to UV rays damage the structure of collagen and elastin fibres due to oxidative stress, causing them to become thinner. It can also be caused by genetics, metabolic processes and hormones, and other environmental aggressors such as smoking, air pollution, diet, stress and sleep deprivation.

Solution: Minimise your exposure to environmental aggressors such as smoke and air pollution and protect against UV rays by wearing SPF30+ daily. Stimulate collagen Ion the skin by applying Vitamin C products - it has been demonstrated that applying topical vitamin C assists the appearance of firmer, denser, younger-looking skin. Look for ingredients like our natural Inchi Seed peptide that significantly increase dermal density - this features in Pure Fiji’s Anti-aging Intense Day Creme.

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Anti-Aging Dilo Oil Booster (0.6oz/18ml) Anti-Aging Dilo Oil Booster (0.6oz/18ml)
73 reviews

Anti-Aging Dilo Oil Booster (0.6oz/18ml)

Anti-Aging Intense Day Creme (1.7oz/50ml) Anti-Aging Intense Day Creme (1.7oz/50ml)
72 reviews

Anti-Aging Intense Day Creme (1.7oz/50ml)

Vitamin C Brightening Collection Vitamin C Brightening Collection
1 review

Vitamin C Brightening Collection

Regenerative Night Creme (1.7oz/50ml) Regenerative Night Creme (1.7oz/50ml)
New Arrival
4 reviews

Regenerative Night Creme (1.7oz/50ml)

Pure Vitamin C Masque (1.7oz/50ml) Pure Vitamin C Masque (1.7oz/50ml)
9 reviews

Pure Vitamin C Masque (1.7oz/50ml)


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