12 Ways to Get Smoother Sexier Legs

If you want to rock your sexy legs you'll need to slough off those dead cells and get your skin back to looking buttery smooth. We've rounded up the best ways to get smoother, fuzz-free, sexier legs even through the winter months.

With the summer season in full swing that means you'll be wearing shorts and tiny dresses more frequently. If you want to rock your sexy legs you'll need to slough off those dead cells and get your skin back to looking buttery smooth. We've rounded up the best ways to get smoother, fuzz-free, sexier legs even through the winter months. Caution: all eyes will be on your legs with these 12 skincare tips.

1. Dry Brush

Dry brushing not only sloughs off dead skin cells, but it dramatically improves the appearance of your skin, promotes circulation, and helps to absorb your moisturizer more effectively. Before you hop into the shower or bath, use an upward motion using a dry brush. If you suffer from dry, dark patches on knees, make sure to regularly dry brush to help keep the skin barrier in as good a shape as possible. Enjoy softer, smoother skin after just one shower with Pure Fiji's Coconut Milk Shower Gel. Its natural cleansers derived from coconut and sugar cane ease away accumulated impurities, while pineapple extracts gently brighten skin tone - leaving skin replenished and rejuvenated.

2. Scrub

One of the keys to getting that "glow" is through regular exfoliation. Invest in an all-natural body exfoliator like Pure Fiji's Coconut Sugar Rub. From the pristine environment of Fiji, comes an extraordinary moisturizing body treatment. Coconut sugar scrub with fresh sugar cane crystals, contain naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl to gently buff away aging skin cells, polish your skin clean and unclog pores. Added to this is the deep moisturizing richness of a blend of cold pressed virgin coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci oils to nourish, and protect your beautiful skin - leaving it with a healthy glow. Ideal for all skin types. This generous 16 oz. jar will give you 15-18 treatments. Natural skin care - The Pacific way.

3. Moisturize

Believe it or not swimming in chlorine water, air conditioning, chemicals in bug repellants and sun exposure can cause dry skin in the summer months. Avoid hot, steamy showers that can aggravate dry skin. Always apply your moisturizer as soon as you can when the skin is still moist. Try Pure Fiji's Hydrating Body Lotion available in 11 tropical infusions such as coconut lime blossom, mango, and pineapple. These nourishing blends of exotic nut extracts blended with fresh coconut milk rapidly hydrate, nourish and protect your sexy legs. They are complete bio-networks of essential nutrients and vitamins for your daily skin requirements and add vitality and softness to your skin. Absorbs quickly and keeps skin hydrated.

4. Drink Water

You may not realize this but those yummy summer cocktails like mojitos, daiquiris, wine slushies, and sangrias mean you'll need to keep water flowing all night long since alcohol strips water from the body. If you want your skin to look moisturized, healthy, and hydrated, you'll need to do more than just exfoliate and moisturize. Drink more water ladies, and you'll begin to notice a boost in your beauty and all-around wellness.

5. Humidifier at Bedtime

Our skin has a tendency to dry out during the night. Use a humidifier at bedtime to reduce the loss of moisture.

Smoother Legs Infographic

6. Use Sun Protection

You've heard time and again that you should use sunscreen every day to help reduce your risk of skin cancer, prevent pesky wrinkles, pigmentation, and other signs of premature aging. Unfortunately, when people hit the beach, what's the first thing you see? People lay out their blankets, strip down to their bathing suit, and then the SPF comes out the beach bag. Wrong oh so wrong. Did you know that you should actually be applying your sunscreen 30 minutes before you expose your skin in the sun? Your sunscreen needs time to penetrate into the skin and start working. So those first few minutes you're out in the sun is when your skin is most vulnerable.

7. Don't forget your feet

Beautiful legs and the heels of your foot go hand in hand. Wearing flip-flops and walking barefoot is one of the best things about summer. The bad news is that it can damage the skin on your feet. The constant exposure to air dries out your skin, creating calluses. If you can't make it to the spa for a regular pedicure; then scrub your feet with a pumice stone when showering or when taking a bath. As soon as you hop out of the shower pamper your heels with Pure Fiji's Body Butter. This super moisturizing cream will instantly revive dry skin. A unique blend of cold pressed coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci oils rapidly hydrate skin and lock in the moisture to keep your skin perfectly hydrated and nourished.

8. Shave Hair

Did you know that shaving your hair is best done in the evening? One of the worst things you can do is to shave just before you go out in the sun when your skin is sensitive. You need to give your skin time to recover from any redness or irritation. Skip spending money on expensive shaving foams, instead use a shower gel like Pure Fiji Coconut crème Conditioner which works just as well. It will help the razor glide over your legs and feel amazingly soft afterwards too!

9. Leg Highlighter

Who said makeup is only for the face? Thanks to beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury, with a body highlighter you can get long-limbed, glossy-skinned perfection in minutes! Apply in the center of your legs for a gorgeous glow, and blend out with your hands.

10. Minimize "Cottage Cheese"

Cellulite is all too common with women especially in the legs. You must be consistent with your diet and exercise to achieve amazing results. That's not always easy peasy. Consider a weight training program to tone and firm the muscles in your legs. Squats and lunges are great exercises that target the leg muscles.

11. Get the circulation going

Before you step out of the shower give yourself 5 seconds of cold then warm water, moving the shower head from your ankles to hips, and repeat three times. This provides a toning effect and gets your circulation going, which helps the skin absorb your moisturizer.

12. Massage

While regular visits to the massage therapist may be too deep for your pockets you can try self-massage using Pure Fiji's Bath and Body Oil. This nourishing blend absorbs of organic oils (coconut, dilo, and macademia) quickly and will rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and nourish your skin. It's a great multi-purpose oil used as a massage oil, makeup remover, cheekbone highligher, bath oil or daily moisturizing treatment. Use your thumbs, working up from the ankles, to the backs of the calves and knees. Do this for about two minutes per leg. It will stretch out tight muscles and drain out lymph fluid. If you have puffy, heavy legs gently squeeze the leg working your hands upwards from the ankle.

Even if you don't plan to strut around in a bikini you still want your legs to look soft and sun-kissed. Skin is your body's largest organ. It's affected by every aspect of your life, from what you eat, to what you put on, to where you live. By using a proper skin care routine you'll be able to; fight signs of aging, heal faster, prevent potential disease and look smoking hot.

How to get Smoother Legs