Body Oil? Body Lotion? Body Butter? How to Find the Best Fit for You

So what's the difference between these formulas anyways? And which one is best for you?

Standing in the body moisturizer aisle of your favorite beauty boutique can be overwhelming! So many products to choose from and so many different options! Body Butter? Body Lotion? Body Oil? It's next to impossible to choose just one! There are so many different formulas, brands and types available. So what's the difference between these formulas anyways? And which one is best for you? Don't worry, we've got you covered! So before you reach for the first body moisturizer you see, read our take on the best natural skin care products for your skin.

1. Body Oil

  • Body oils are generally not water-based. It is by far the most soothing of body moisturizer options as it works to soften and nourish the skin.
  • Because it is an oil, it closely resembles the natural oils in our skin which helps our skin easily absorb it.
  • If you're someone who suffers from body acne, then you may want to think twice about using a body oil, especially on the chest and back area. But don't discount all body oils as potential acne triggers. Pure Fiji's Exotic Oil is one that won't clog pores. It's made from a blend of organic virgin coconut oil, macadamia oil and sikeci oil that helps to hydrate and encourage healing of the skin. It's an all-natural skin care product that goes beyond just simply moisturizing - it has a number of amazing skin and hair benefits.

How to Use Pure Fiji Exotic Oil:

  • Pure Fiji Exotic Bath & Body Oil should be applied to warm, damp skin, like after a shower or bath.
  • Use it as a daily moisturizer, massage oil, bath oil, eye makeup remover, hot oil hair treatment or as a hair treatment before/after blowing drying your hair.

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2. Body Lotion

  • Body lotions tend to have a higher water content so they're generally lighter in texture and more easily absorbed. However, because of the high water content, lotions aren't as long lasting as oils or body butters.
  • They are more of a sheer moisturizer and shouldn't be used by those with super dry skin. Lotions are better as an everyday moisturizer for most skin types.
  • If you live in a hot, humid area or are looking for a good summer moisturizer, try Pure Fiji's Hydrating Body Lotion. It absorbs quickly and won't just "sit" on your skin or leave you with that greasy feeling. It's made from a combination of cold pressed virgin coconut oil, macadamia oil, dilo oil, sikeci oil, passionflower extracts and fresh coconut milk. It's a great all-natural choice for your lotion.

How to Use Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion:

  • Best when applied after a shower or bath.
  • After you've applied the lotion to your body, run your fingers through your hair to smooth away any fly-aways you might have.

3. Body Butter

  • Body butters tend to be more dense than lotions or oils which make them more easily and deeply absorbed into the skin.
  • Body butters are great for dry skin or for those who live in a dry climate where moisture can escape from the skin.
  • Body butters are also a great choice for cold winter weather when your skin tends to be more dry and flaky.
  • Try Pure Fiji's Body Butter. Its rich formula will instantly revive your dry, parched skin. It's made with a unique blend of exotic nut extract combined with fresh coconut milk to rapidly hydrate skin and lock in moisture. What's more it can also help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and can be used as a styling aid for thick, coarse hair. Who doesn't love products that work double duty?

How to Use Pure Fiji Body Butter:

  • Best when applied after a shower or bath.
  • The body butter can also be applied to your feet and hands at night and cover with socks/gloves for extra softness.

Never underestimate the importance of a good body moisturizer. Whether you choose to use a body oil, body lotion or body butter, it should always be a part of your beauty arsenal. Keep in mind that all three types of body moisturizers have different thicknesses which will influence how and when you use them. If you're looking for something as an everyday moisturizer, a body butter or lotion is your best bet. If you have extremely dry skin, apply an oil to damp skin for maximum absorption. So which one is best for you? No matter what formula you choose, always look for natural skin care products like Pure Fiji that are made with all natural and organic oils so you can rest assured you're putting the best stuff on your skin!

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