Ice Rolling 101

Youve seen the roll-and-go tools all over social media but what exactly do ice rollers do for the skin? Ice is having a star moment in the beauty world. People are dunking their faces into ice-cold water and massaging their complexions with frozen cubes, praising the skin-firming and depuffing benefits of these rollers.

What is ice rolling?

Ice rolling combines cooling therapy with a DIY facial massage. The combination of massage and cool application will tighten and calm the skin from minor irritations or puffiness.

Ice-rolling involves massaging the face with an ice-roller, which is a relatively simple gadget that looks much like a paint roller. Inside the roller is a mixture of gel and water, which turns to ice when put into the freezer. However, unlike ice, it takes far longer to melt (if you apply ice to your face, it melts within seconds) meaning there's more time to reap the rewards.

How to use an ice roller

While there's technically no wrong way to ice roll, there's one method that will help you maximize your benefits. Use these steps:

  1. Store your Pure Fiji Ice Roller in your fridge or freezer before using for no longer than 4 hours.
  2. If you want to maximize the results even more, apply a Pure Fiji Serum or moisturizer on cleansed face before using your ice roller.

Use your ice roller to spread the product to your under eyes, forehead, temples, cheeks, etc. Massaging the face with your ice roller can help the topical product absorb into the skin.

  1. Start rolling
  • Roll in a zigzag motion up and down forehead
  • From left to right, then move down to beside your nose, lower cheek (working upwards - apply a little extra pressure in this area if you really want it to be lifted)
  • Outwards on the sides of your mouth
  • Down under chin
  • Finish with your neck, collarbone, and upper chest.

Additional tips:

  • If you want to help drain lymphatic fluid, ice-roll outward toward your ear and then down your neck to your collarbone. Ice-rolling in this motion is probably the most beneficial, so keep it in mind next time you reach for your ice roller.
  • Don't roll it too hard — you shouldn't be applying any pressure to the roller, since you don't want to bruise or irritate the skin.
  • While you can gently roll your delicate under eye area, you shouldn't roll the tops of your eyes to avoid injury.

What are the benefits of ice rolling?

The application of the freezing roller boosts circulation, bringing blood to the skin surface and helps to restore radiance and naturally tones and tightens. Plus, ice-rolling for five to 10 minutes per day can instantly reduce wrinkles, puffiness and redness, much like an ice pack can reduce swelling and bruising.

The sustained ice-cold temperature helps constrict blood vessels, reducing the appearance of broken capillaries, soothes acne, assists in lymphatic drainage, and calms inflammation that leads to swelling, redness, and irritation.

Will I experience pain?

No, absolutely not. It's not recommended that you leave the roller on one area for too long (it will get very, very cold) but as long as you keep it moving, you'll be totally fine.

How often should I roll?

Roll as often or as seldom as you like, but it's fantastic as a pick-me-up first thing if you're not a morning person, or as an addition to a weekly self-care ritual.

Ideally allow 10 minutes but 5 minutes is also great if you are squeezed for time. You can use it daily – morning to take down any morning puffiness or at bedtime depending on what works best for your daily skin routine.

How do I clean an ice roller?

To ensure your roller isn’t harbouring any bacteria, be sure to give it a quick wipe down with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol or with mild soap and water after each use. Before popping it back in the freezer or fridge to chill, place it in a separate bag or container to keep it free from contamination.


Ice rolling is a great way to set aside time every day to slow down, relax, and treat yourself to 10 full minutes of self care—which is reason enough to keep it as part of your self-care routine. Once you invite an ice roller into your skincare routine, you will not look back! Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

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