Skin Type versus Skin Condition: What You Need to Know

Honestly, when was the last time you spoke to an aesthetician about what your skin type and skin condition are? Today, we're revealing what you need to know about skin types and skin conditions so you never have to wonder if something is right or wrong for you.

Honestly, when was the last time you spoke to an aesthetician about what your skin type and skin condition are? Did you even know there was a difference? Before you buy your next skincare product it's crucial that you know. It's the first step to proper skin care routine. If you're using the wrong products that aren't designed to help your skin type and condition it will result in more frustration and problematic conditions. Don't want that right? Today, we're revealing what you need to know about skin types and skin conditions so you never have to wonder if something is right or wrong for you.

What are skin types?

Skin type is what you are born with. The four most common skin types are normal, oily, dry and combination.

Normal: You're super lucky if you have a normal skin because not only is it the least common skin type but it's the least problematic skin. Normal skin type characteristics:

  • smooth texture
  • healthy glow
  • fine pores
  • no visible blemishes, greasy patches or flaky areas
  • sebum production & moisture content are well-balanced
  • often found in young persons

What you should focus on: Maintain balanced skin. Pure Fiji's Balancing Toner is great for normal skin types. A refreshing toner with passionflower and witch hazel extracts restore balance. Enriched with green coconut water to remineralize, nourish and energize cellular exchange, leaving skin refreshed and revitalized.

Oily: Is shiny and often with enlarged pores. Oily skin characteristics:

  • easily gets blackheads
  • blemishes or acne can be a constant battle
  • affects younger people

What you should focus on: Deep cleansing, remove build-up of dead skin cells & balancing between excessive oil and maintaining your skin's natural moisture. Pure Fiji's Exfoliating Scrub is a must for oily skincare routine. Refresh and brighten your delicate facial skin with the freshest of tropical ingredients. This gentle and natural scrub eases away impurities and unblocks pores with the power of Pineapple and Papaya enzymes. Then vitamin-rich coconut crème nourishes newly revealed skin for a brighter and younger looking complexion.

Dry: Lack of moisture, flaky, sensitive and even painful at time. Dry skin characteristics:

  • dull, especially on the cheeks and around the eyes
  • lack elasticity
  • visible lines and wrinkles
  • Small pores
  • Tightness or itchiness
  • Common in older women

What you should focus on: keep skin moisturized. Recharge and revitalize dry skin with Pure Fiji's Hydrating Multi Active Serum. Pure dilo leaf and beach almond leaf hydrosol in combination with powerful plant actives, essential nutrients and vitamins naturally supercharge this serum in order to boost hydration and cellular water flow to actively firm, smooth and rejuvenate the skin. Clinical studies show that 3 hours after application, a 21% reduction in wrinkles occurs.

Combination: Combination skin is dry in the cheeks while being oily in the t-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Pure Fiji's Purifying Cleanser provides that perfect balance for dry and oily areas. This unique cleanser is boosted with papaya extracts to brighten skin tone while passionflower and drift nut extracts restore skin to a healthy balance.

The Fitzpatrick skin type scale is a helpful tool to help you assess your individual skin type.

What are skin conditions?

Skin conditions are caused by hormones, lifestyle choices, medication, external factors like the weather, and using the wrong products on the skin. Here are the most common ones.

Dehydration:Dry skin and dehydrated may look the same but they aren't. Dry skin is deficient in natural oils (sebum) and dehydrated skin lacks water. Dehydrated skin characteristics:

  • Looks dull
  • Feels tight
  • Feels rough
  • Sensitive
  • Superficial fine lines
  • Itchy

Acne: Acne occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil and bacteria. It's not only visible on the face but also on other parts of your body such as; the neck, back and chest. They appear as whiteheads or blackheads.

Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin you may have redness. When applying products that contain a lot of fragrance, alcohol, and chemicals you typically feel tingling or stinging.

Acneic: Skin becomes congested and breakouts occur when the hair follicles gets plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Hormone changes, stress, diet and other environmental factors can also result in skin that is acneic-prone.

Aging: The fact is aging is something we all go through. Embrace it. It will be influenced by how we age, our lifestyle choices, the environment and yes, even our genetics. As we age we will experience loss and breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers. The first visible signs of aging include fine lines around the most common areas like the eyes and mouth, lack of tone, pigmentation and large pores.

If you find this overwhelming then start by identifying your skin type and act accordingly then focus on any skin conditions later. Factor in where you reside too. For example, living in hot, dry climates like Las Vegas will dehydrate even an oily skin type while living in a humid area like Orlando will make your dry skin feel greasy. No matter what your skin type is it's important to start with natural skin care products that you know are safe to use. Luckily Pure Fiji's line of organic oils and coconut ingredients it will give your skin the best health and glow!

Skin type vs skin condition

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