How to Get Dewy Skin Using Natural Products

Try these simple natural ways to get fresh dewy skin so you can glow like the goddess that you are :)

With spring right around the corner, of course we immediately think of the beauty look synonymous with the season - “fresh out of the shower” dewy skin. And with that comes a whole new skincare routine. If this is the look you're after (without the use of pounds of makeup and highlighters of course), then try these simple natural ways to get fresh dewy skin so you can glow like the goddess that you are!

Before you start changing your skincare routine, it's important to note that what you eat makes a huge difference with how bright your skin appears. No matter what you put on your face, you won't get that dewy glow without adequate hydration and proper nutrition. Your glow starts from the inside out.

To achieve that inner glow, make sure you are eating foods that are known for glowing skin like yogurt, avocado, berries, leafy greens and tea. Avoid foods that are deep fried or laden with caffeine as they can affect your skin in a negative way - not something you want when trying to achieve that glow! Don't worry, you don't have to swear off your favorite treats for good - just eat them in moderation and ensure the majority of your diet includes good for your skin foods.

Once you've got your diet under control, it's time to adjust your skincare routine to get that dewy glow you're after.

Here are 5 easy steps to create a glowing, dewy complexion:

Winter skincare generally includes heavy moisturizers and cleansers to combat dry winter skin but with the arrival of spring it's time to put those heavy hitters away. Replace them with lighter moisturizers and cleansers. Dewy skin doesn't equal oily skin.

1. Drink water

As we've said before, dewy skin comes from the inside out. While what you eat is important, it's also what you drink that will help you achieve that glow. Drinking water increases blood circulation to the skin and helps prevent wrinkles. It can also help clear up imperfections, plump your skin and help you achieve a natural glow.

2. Switch to a gentle cleanser

A change in seasons means a change in your natural beauty products too. Just like you change your wardrobe with the season, you also need to switch up your products to match the weather outside. Warmer weather means a lighter cleanser so look for a gel or foaming cleanser that won't strip your skin.

Regardless of skin type, Pure Fiji's Purifying Cleanser is amazing for the skin all year round. This unique cleanser is boosted with papaya extracts to brighten skin tone while passionflower and drift nut extracts help you achieve dewy skin.

Why you'll love it:

  1. Hydrates while it cleanses
  2. Great for any skin type
  3. Helps gently cleanse acne prone skin
  4. Natural sebum regulator
  5. Sulphate free so it doesn't strip your skin

3. Exfoliate

During the winter our skin is exposed to some pretty harsh conditions - cold, wind, low moisture and air pollution. Not to mention the thick moisturizers, foundations and concealers we use to hide the damage - leaving us with skin that is dull, flaky and red. That's why spring is the perfect time to peel away those layers of dead skin and reveal the glowing skin underneath.

Removing the layers of dead skin will not only keep it luminous but will also help your makeup glide on more smoothly.

Use an exfoliator like Pure Fiji's Exfoliating Scrub that includes fruit enzymes to boost the skin's cell turnover, resulting in visibly brighter, dewy skin.

Why you'll love it:

  1. Brightens skin
  2. High in natural anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6 to boost skin protection and restore a healthy balance and glow
  3. Also a natural oil (sebum) regulator
  4. Will not clog pores and helps fight inflammation of the skin
  5. Helps clear acne prone skin
  6. Can be used in with a Clairisonic

4. Use lighter moisturizer

Switch your moisturizer to something lighter for spring. Heavier moisturizers should be limited to use during the winter as cooler weather often equals drier air and drier skin. In the spring, lighter moisturizers like Pure Fiji's Perfecting Day Creme are ideal for increasing the water content, rather than the oil content of your skin. And hydrated skin = glowing, dewy skin!

5. Hydrate skin with serum

You might not realize it, but dehydration is the root of most of our skin care concerns. Fine lines? Dehydration. Lack of firmness? Dehydration. When skin isn't getting the hydration it needs, it will look dull and lackluster. So what can be done to counteract dehydration? Using products meant to enhance the moisture in your skin like Pure Fiji's Hydrating Multi Active Serum. It includes the benefits of botanical extracts from the tropical isles of Fiji. Pure dilo leaf and beach almond leaf hydrosol in combination with powerful plant actives, essential nutrients and vitamins naturally supercharge this serum to boost hydration for a more dewy skin.

Spring is right around the corner and the perfect way to come out of winter hibernation is with a glowing, dewy complexion. Supercharge your diet with skin friendly foods, switch up your natural beauty products and follow the 5 steps above to truly glow from the inside out.

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