Radiant Skin 101

We all want radiant, glowing skin but the question remains - how do we achieve this without the use of chemical peels and products containing harsh ingredients?

Looking in the mirror, how often have you seen a dull, lackluster complexion looking back at you? We all want radiant, glowing skin but the question remains - how do we achieve this without the use of chemical peels and products containing harsh ingredients? By focusing on a more natural skincare routine using products that contain ingredients found in nature, you can have glowing, radiant skin. Bringing out the natural radiance of your skin is surprisingly easy - all you need is a few simple changes to your natural skincare routine.

It may seem obvious but the first and most important step to radiant skin is proper care and maintenance of your skin. This includes a good natural skincare routine that includes cleansing and exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin is especially important as it removes the dead skin cells from your face and stimulates new ones. Try an exfoliating scrub that contains natural ingredients such as Pure Fiji's exfoliating scrub with natural papaya and pineapple enzymes. These enzymes naturally and gently scrub away impurities and unblock pores. The scrub also contains vitamin-rich coconut crème, which nourishes newly revealed skin for a brighter, more radiant complexion. With exfoliation it is important to start out slow, no more than twice in one week, especially if you have sensitive skin. To maximize the effects of your exfoliating scrub, you will also need to use a cleanser and toner that cleanse and stimulate the growth of new cells. Pure Fiji's purifying cleanser also contains papaya and pineapple extracts that work to brighten your skin and gently remove aging skin cells. Their balancing toner contains cucumber, passionflower and witch hazel extracts that work to restore balance in your skin. It also contains green coconut water, which works to promote the growth of new cells.

Once you have a good natural skincare routine established enhance it with products that are designed to supplement your cleansing routine and bring out your natural glow. Add a serum to your routine that will lift and protect your skin. Look for one that contains high concentrations of radiance enhancing ingredients like vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential oils. Pure Fiji's hydrating multi-active serum contains an anti-oxidant blend of virgin coconut oil, dilo oil, sikeci oil, macadamia oil and passionflower extract that boost hydration and actively work to boost hydration and promote smooth, radiant skin. Serums should be applied before your moisturizer or crème. Serums have a lightweight texture that is able to instantly soak into the skin and deliver vitamins and nutrients deep beneath the surface faster and more efficiently than any other product in your skincare regime. When looking for a moisturizer or crème, look for one that contains peptides to promote cell regeneration while hydrating and smoothing your skin. Pure Fiji's perfecting day crème contains peptides that work to improve the smoothness, clarity and overall radiance of your skin. Using serums and crèmes daily will enhance your skincare routine and, over time, will work to reveal your natural radiant, glowing skin.

Age spots, wrinkles and blotchiness can make skin appear dull and can add years to your overall appearance. In order to achieve radiant and glowing skin, you will need to banish age spots and discoloration. To do so, look for products that contain essential vitamins A and C, retinol, peptides and/or anti-oxidants. You'll want products that improve collagen production as after age 35, our body starts to produce less and less collagen. Less collagen in our bodies means that our skin loses firmness and gradually starts to wrinkle and become more dull. Try Pure Fiji's anti-aging intense day crème increases collagen production with a rich botanical blend enhanced with peptides.

Radiant, glowing skin doesn't just come from a change in your skincare routine. It can start from changes you make from within. Detoxifying your body can be a key step in creating that natural glow you crave. Dull, listless skin can occur because of an overload of toxins in the body. Start by eliminating sugar and alcohol from your diet, and focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables to boost the skin saving nutrients your body needs. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep skin hydrated and fresh. Lastly make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night. Not only will your body and mental well-being benefit, your skin will benefit as well. When you sleep, you are allowing your body to begin the proper healing process, which will in turn lead to radiant, glowing skin.

With a few simple changes to your beauty routine, you can easily achieve the radiant, glowing skin you desire!

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