5 Ways to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Tone

Creating a smooth texture, decreasing dark spots and redness is no easy feat. So just how do we go about doing all those things? Well, keep reading.

If achieving a buttery smooth complexion seems like a distant dream you are not alone because the truth is that it can be challenging to nurture perfect skin texture and color. Creating a smooth texture, decreasing dark spots and redness is no easy feat. So just how do we go about doing all those things? Well, keep reading.

What does even skin tone look like?

Even skin tone is bright, smooth, and free of dark spots.

What causes uneven skin tone?

Many factors cause an uneven skin tone but primarily, they are texture and color.

What can you do to improve your skin’s texture? Here are five ways to do that.

1. Proper exfoliation

The first step to achieving even skin tone is to have smoother skin, whether that's by removing dead skin cells, minimizing pores, or evening out fine lines, and the most effective way to do that is through proper exfoliation.

Exfoliation is also a powerful tool for fighting pigmentation and getting your skin tone back on the right path. Plus, it also helps to get rid of dead skin cells and encourages cell turnover. Cell turnover is when new skin cells replace the old ones, which helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

That’s why we think you’ll love Pure Fiji’s Coconut Exfoliating Scrub with Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme. This natural, gentle scrub eases away impurities and unclogs pores with the dual exfoliating power of pumice and candelilla wax beads combined with the enzymatic action of pineapple and papaya. Vitamin-rich coconut crème and cold pressed seed extracts nourish newly revealed skin for a youthful and brighter looking complexion.

In terms of how often you should exfoliate, for oily skin types, two to three times a week may work best for your skin. For those with normal or combination skin, exfoliating twice a week may be best. If you have sensitive skin, once a week will suffice and avoid rubbing too hard when scrubbing.

2. Use glycolic acid

We recommend trying glycolic acid in the form of a peel for an immediate glow, but you have to be very careful that you choose a glycolic peel that is gentle on your skin. That’s why you can trust using Pure Fiji’s Glycolic Overnight Renewal Peel with Mandelic and Niacinamide. Look at these amazing ingredients!

Glycolic - The holy grail of exfoliation; effectively removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the complexion, revealing brighter, fresher skin.

Mandelic Acid - A powerful alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that works to accelerate cell turnover and remove dead skin cells. It strengthens collagen, assists with evening the skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation and combats acne through its antibacterial properties.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - A highly effective, versatile ingredient that renews and restores moisture-less, dehydrated skin by helping improve its natural production of skin strengthening ceramides. Visibly improves and minimizes enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps fight free radicals, acne, congestion and reduces redness.

Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract - High in antioxidants; this ingredient prevents photo-aging, targets and lightens age/dark spots, prevents their appearance, and creates an even skin tone.

Galactoarabinan (GA) - A natural plant collagen that boosts the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, improves skin texture and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Incorporate Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an incredible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrient that is known to improve skin tone and texture, hydrate the skin, and reduce signs of aging. Adding vitamin C to your skin care routine can not only brighten your complexion but also protect against skin damage caused by sun exposure and harmful free radicals.

That’s why we recommend that you incorporate  Pure Fiji’s Vitamin C Brightening Creme with Hyaluronic and Lime Caviar into your regular skin care routine. Brighten and smooth skin with this powerful blend of pure Vitamin C and lime caviar combined with skin-smoothing AHA peptides. Dry, dull skin will be smoothed away while extracts of fresh garden sprouts diminish age spots and pigmentation. Kakadu plum and pure Vitamin C visibly brightens the skin and reduces the signs of aging while moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid along with our cold-pressed oil blend gives intense hydration and skin barrier protection for glowing skin.

4. Defend against the sun

Always apply sunscreen as part of your morning routine if you’re going out and about. It will help prevent further discoloration and protect against redness caused by the breakdown of your skin’s barrier. You absolutely need a minimum SPF 30 broad spectrum with both UVA/UVB protection. As an extra protection throw on a hat and sunglasses for an extra layer of protection anytime you’re heading outside.

5. Add a retinoid into your routine

Adding a retinoid to your routine to help speed up your cellular turnover and smooth the texture of your skin. Not only can retinoids give you smoother, brighter skin, but they can also boost collagen production and strengthen the walls of your pores.

If you're new to retinoids, it’s best that you start with a gentle formula like Pure Fiji’s Kakadu Super Vitamin C Brightening Serum with Hyaluronate and Bakuchiol. If you’ve never heard of Bakuchiol, it is a natural, plant derived retinol that smooths fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin radiance, firms, and strengthens skin.


Uneven skin tone is no match for you when you follow these simple steps. The reality is you really should consider using all these tips and products to maximize your results. Using a vitamin C serum and moisturizer, overnight peels, and SPF should be a regular part of your routine. When you do this, you’ll be able to not only achieve a more even skin tone but a radiant one as well, while also protecting your sensitive skin from future discoloration.

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