Summer Skin Care Tips: 9 Things to Avoid If You Have Oily Skin

So, you're probably thinking that you should wash your face more often to get rid of the extra oil. Well, that's a big no no. Here are 9 things to avoid if you have oily skin.

Oily skin and summers are typically not a good combination. Hazy, hot, and humid weather leads to an increase in oil production from sebaceous glands. So, you're probably thinking that you should wash your face more often to get rid of the extra oil. Well, that's a big no no. Here are 9 things to avoid if you have oily skin.

1. Don't Wash Your Face Multiple Times

While it may seem like washing your face multiple times a day can help get rid of excess oil, cleansing too much will backfire on you. When you wash your face too many times it sends a signal to your skin to produce even more oil.

You only need to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Try Pure Fiji's Vitamin C Foaming Oil Cleanser which dissolves all traces of make-up and impurities with this Vitamin C Foaming Oil cleanser powered by Kakadu plum and Papaya extracts. This antioxidant rich cleanser will instantly brighten as it cleanses, balance skin tone and unclog pores leaving skin refreshed and radiant.

2. Don't Go to Bed with Makeup

Removing your makeup before going to bed with Pure Fiji's Coconut Cleansing Balm is vital because leaving makeup on your skin can cause extensive skin damage while you sleep. At night the skin is in repair mode while you sleep so when you leave makeup on, you prevent that from happening.

3. Don't Over Exfoliate

Just like cleansing you're probably thinking that if you scrub your skin aggressively you can rid your excess oil, but it's better to be gentle.

As far as how often you should exfoliate, it depends. If you're new to exfoliating, it's always best to start with caution. Start by exfoliating once a week with Pure Fiji's Coconut Exfoliating Scrub with Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme and increasing the frequency depending on how your skin responds (either way do not exfoliate skin more than 3 times a week).

4. Don't Use Toners That Contain Alcohol

Adding a toner into your skincare routine can help tone and balance the skin plus remove any impurities that might be lingering on your face even after a cleanse, especially on the days you're wearing makeup.

Make sure you go with a hydrating formula so that you're not over-cleansing and drying out your face. Look for alcohol-free options, like Pure Fiji's Vitamin C Brightening Toning Mist which has a gentle, non-drying formula. Skin-soothing cucumber and passionflower extract combined with witch hazel balance oil production, reduce the appearance of pores, tone, and tighten skin. Skin is left looking firm, refreshed, and glowing. After cleansing, close your eyes and spritz directly onto your face and neck from 20 cm. Follow with an application of moisturizer or use whenever you need to rehydrate or as a refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day.

5. Don't Skip On Moisturizer

Sweat and dewy skin may feel moisturized but it's certainly not going to give you a free pass to skip out on your moisturizer. It's vital to apply moisturizer daily to keep your skin hydrated.

6. Don't Touch Your Face

You may not realize this but you're likely touching your face without being aware of it. Unfortunately touching your face can spread dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands to your face and make oily skin produce more oil. Do your best to be mindful not to touch your face and make sure to always use clean hands.

7. Don't Ignore SPF on Cloudy Days

UV rays can penetrate clouds. Unless you are completely shaded and protected from the sun, you still need sunscreen on cloudy days. And remember that sun damage can happen with just short intervals of time outside. If you're concerned about breakouts and increased oiliness, look for sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and are free of fragrance or oils.

8. Don't Use Dirty Pillow Covers

Pillowcases absorb dirt, grease and grime and you spend eight hours a night resting your face on them! To keep your freshly washed faced clean, change your bed pillowcase frequently.

9. Don't Try a Bunch of Skin Care Products

When it comes to settling on products to use on oily skin, this is one of those cases where less is more. Using too many products with too many different ingredients on your skin may hurt you more than help you.


No one has perfect skin, but by working with your skin type, you can take steps to have a clean, clear, and shine-free face.


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